Just how do these gosh darn thingys work anyways…



You see, water doesn’t leave spots, it’s the impurities in the water that are left when water evaporates that leave spots and streaks. The fibers in ordinary cloths are round and tend to push the bulk of dirt and moisture around, but Boner’s split dual-poly filaments have open spaces between the fibers that act like scoops that pull dirt, oil, minerals and other contaminants and impurities into the cloth and hold them.


It’s these same tiny scoops that safely scrub the bugs from whatever they’re stuck to…without scratching.


Although Boner’s Bug Buster & Chrome Cleaner WILL NOT scratch, if you pick up some grit from somewhere else like your wheels, engine area, saddle bag, etc, then that can stay in the cloth and scratch your windshield. That’s why we include 2 cloths, one for the lower parts of your bike and one for the windshield and tank.