What is a Boner Cloth and How Does it Work?

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Stuff you can do with a bonehead

“We know you’ve been askin’ . . .”

“What is a Bonehead anyway?”

Bonehead’s Bug Buster and Chrome Cleaner is a Micro Fiber cloth unlike any you’ve EVER seen before. This is not a soft fuzzy buffing cloth like you’re probably used to seeing. This is a thin, hearty cleaning cloth designed to remove dirt and grime as well as leave your shiny stuff


Bonehead’s Bug Buster is simply the single most AMAZING bug removing product we have ever found. And, the best part about it is that it uses only water…WATER, how cool is that?

Here’s the deal, unlike those “thick and fuzzy” micro fiber cloths (which are great for buffing and polishing by the way), Bonehead’s is thin and strong…and although it’s not quite bulletproof, it is virtually indestructible (betcha can’t tear it). Bonehead’s micro fibers are designed for cleaning, and it’s the water that really brings those fibers to life. Bonehead’s fibers act like little
micro-scrubbers that get down underneath all that dirt and grime and absorb it into the cloth.

Simply wet your Bonehead’s Bug Buster with plain old tap water and wring it out like you’re trying to remove every drop…then wipe away. You’ll be as amazedbars, helmets, goggles and wherever else bugs find their way on to. And, Bonehead’s is non-abrasive so it won’t scratch your precious plexi and paint! as we were at how well it removes all the BUGS and GUTS that litter your windshield, tank, forks, fenders, fairing, headlight, driving lights, highway

Bonehead’s polishes as it cleans too, it’ll leave your chrome shining like new with just a quick swipe. Because Bonehead’s collects all dirt, it leaves nothing but pure moisture, so it dries streak free and spot free…GUARANTEED! You see, it’s the impurities in the water that leaves the spots. So when Bonehead’s absorbs all the impurities, the remaining moisture simply evaporates and leaves a mirror like shine.

Put your Bonehead’s Bug Buster in a zip lock bag and throw it in your saddle bag, tool pouch, tool kit compartment or any available storage space on your bike so it’s always there ready to be used whenever you need it.


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